Laurel d'Entremont
Clinical Therapeutic Massage

About Me

Laurel d'Entremont, LMT, CIMI, Reiki practitioner, is a 1992 graduate of the 1,200 hour program of the Muscular Therapy Institute, Cambridge, MA.  She joined the Alternative Paths to Health department at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates at its inception in 1998, and has practiced at AstraZeneca R & D Boston, in the Health Service department since 2003. Laurel has completed advanced training in Oncology Massage with Tracy Walton, Prenatal Massage, Infant Massage, Myofascial Release, Manual Lymph Drainage, Medical Massage, Instrument-assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), and Massage Cupping. The focus of her practice is injury treatment and prevention, oncology massage for clients in active treatment and in survivorship, pain and stress reduction, pre and post natal massage, and health maintenance. Laurel's clients run the full gamete from infants to senior citizens, in all states of health. Each client's immediate and long term needs are taken in to consideration in every massage session. Laurel frequently collaborates with the client's health care team in order to provide the highest quality care and in forming treatment plans. Providing relief, support, and comfort to her clients is Laurel's mission.

Outside the treatment room, Laurel enjoys spending time with her husband, children, and pets. She enjoys cooking, yoga, meditation, crafting, and talking long hikes with her dogs.