Laurel d'Entremont
Clinical Therapeutic Massage


Laurel d’Entremont has been my massage therapist for more than16 years. She was originally recommended to me by my Internal Medicine doctor at Harvard Kenmore for knee and hand pain and over the years she has seen me through a number of other medical and stress related issues.

Because of her training and experience in physical therapy coupled with her years of experience and training in massage therapy, she brings a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience not commonly found in your average local massage therapist.

At Harvard she works with acupuncturists and chiropractors to provide a multi-level treatment that helps the patient heal more quickly. The care that I have received from Laurel has enriched my life and enabled me to function better in times of pain and crisis.--JH


I have been going to Laurel for deep structural massage regularly for at least 5 years (since I was 65), and I definitely plan to continue these appointments with her until I am at least 90.  Indeed, she helped me  become physically active again after suffering severe muscle problems and a lot of pain. Now the periodic sessions we have help me maintain a high level of movement and agility.  Countless adjectives can be attributed to Laurel, i.e., well-trained, knowledgeable, professional, intuitive, patient, friendly, kind, and dependable. Laurel is truly a healer, who  pays close attention to the the particular needs of every individual she treats. --MV


Laurel d'Entreomont is brilliant. Supremely skilled at massage, her work promotes muscle healing and recovery along with stress reduction and relaxation. She is by far the best person I have ever worked with for massage therapy as her kind and caring spirit infuses the entire experience. Working with Laurel has enabled me to be more physically active, participate in the activities I enjoy, and be a better person at work and home. I cannot thank her enough.--GF


"As my physician prescribed, I have seen Laurel for 10 years for my chronic back and shoulder pain caused by repetitive injuries and stress. With great knowledge and skill set, Laurel has completely differentiated her practice from those offered by SPA massage therapists. The very well targeted deep tissue massage therapies I have received from Laurel really help ease my muscle pain and improve the range of motion that allow me to resume my normal routine."--AW


"Consistent visits with Laurel have allowed me to manage my ongoing back issues with greater ease, and if I ever feel "off," a session sets things right. I always come away feeling rejuvenated!"--AD


Not only is Laurel an extremely effective health care professional, I especially have benefited from her expertise in abdominal massage. People are unaware how connected their back pain can be to abdominal muscle issues. Thanks to Laurel, my health problems do not keep me down, and I am able to run my business. Laurel is an excellent healer, and a terrific and wonderful human being!--MW